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How to Unblock A Number on iPhone

Accidentally blocked a number on your iPhone? Wanna to hear from whoever you blocked again? No matter which circumstance you encounter, you are supposed to know how to unblock someone on iPhone so that you can remove people out of your block list on your iPhone. Just like block feature on iPhone involve three aspects - phone calls, FaceTime, and message, you will allow people to reaches these three aspects when you unblock a phone number. Now please let me show you how to unblock someone on iPhone straightforwardly and easily. You can temporarily unblock a number or contact using this trick if you need to communicate with that person or thing. If you want your peace and quiet returned, you can immediately block the number again.

How to Unblock A Number on iPhone

Step 1. Go to "Settings" after you turn on your iPhone
Step 2. Select "Phone" option
Step 3. Scroll down and tap on "Blocked" to see the current list of contacts blocked from reaching you
Step 4. Press on the "Edit" button in the corner
Step 5. Tap on the red (-) minus button alongside a contact name
Step 6. Confirm you wish to allow that person to reach you again by tapping on the big red "Unblock" button alongside the contact name
Step 7. Tap on “Done” to finish
Step 8. Exit out of Settings as usual

Note: Now the contact or person can reach your iPhone again through FaceTime, phone calls, and messages. If you want to know how to block the contact again, you can read How to Block Numbers on iPhone.

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